Although large automobile trade shows are not taking place at the moment, neither designers nor car manufacturers are in hibernation. Development of new vehicles and models is continuing non-stop in order to meet the growing demand for mobility. It goes without saying that work is being done on alternative and sustainable drive concepts in particular.

For us at Glavista this means being especially attentive, recognising trends at an early stage and, in many cases, helping to shape them. But, above all, it means being prepared so that we are able to serve the OE sector with the desired goods without delay through short development times as well as being there with top-class automotive glass in OE quality for the aftermarket promptly after market introduction. After all, nowadays it's about much more than the "clear view". Zero-error tolerances are decisive if sophisticated driver assistance systems are to perform reliably.

Our experienced and ideally networked research and development team keeps an eye on emerging trends and takes new models - including tools, structural components, production recipes and work instructions - from the drawing board to reality. Also the latest technologies such as windscreens with a low dead weight are identified by our expert team and implemented together with the necessary production processes. And that, of course, in the same uncompromisingly high quality that our customers have valued for many years.

In this way, hundreds of new windscreen models are created every year at Glavista and can be sent to our customers in the shortest time. To the other side of the world, too, if necessary.

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