1. Quality & Innovation

Quality is our top priority of Glavista. To ensure every piece of material is produced to the absolute highest standard, we have a reliable series of quality assurance processes in place.

This dedication to quality is proven by our certification - awarded most recently in 2020 - from the International Automotive Task Force (IATF). Our Research, Development & Innovation team meanwhile is constantly integrating its findings into our mechanisms, meaning we are constantly learning and innovating towards a greener, safer future.

Each and every part we produce goes through a detailed quality assurance process. Using a sophisticated automated system, the glass is inspected from both a cosmetic and functional point of view, confirming the correct shape and checking for any defects or contamination.

Every day, several parts are subjected to destructive tests in order to guarantee their lamination and optical distortion. We are committed to continued investment in quality assurance too. The recently added installations will help ensure our outputs are consistently of the highest standard and, in alignment with the in 2020 adopted investment plan, there are more to come in near future.

We also value feedback, and carefully analyse any customer claims we receive. Our quality department makes sure that future production of the claimed parts is fully optimised, whether that means focusing on new technologies, machines or lab equipment.

2. Quality Assurance

3. Certification

In 2018, our production facility in Llodio was awarded the International Automotive Task Force (IATF) certificate, replacing our previous certification under ISO 9001, and then ISO TS 16949.

This IATF standard devotes special attention to customer satisfaction, something we are deeply passionate about at Glavista. The focus here is on improving system and process quality by avoiding, rather than exposing, mistakes. This includes identifying mistakes and risks within the production process and in the supply chain, eradicating their causes and reviewing the effectiveness of corrective and preventative measures. In addition, Glavista glass is fully tested to ensure it complies with the ECE R43 homologation standards. We are fully certified to sell in Brazil, the USA and Russia, as well as a number of other countries who do not have their own regulations.

After a car’s windscreen is replaced, its camera must be fully calibrated.

At Glavista, we have conducted lots of in-house research into this process and are constantly optimising our products for successful calibration. Resources like this video help share our expertise within the industry, demonstrating how fitters can deliver the best service. This constant sharing of knowledge helps customers to conduct a successful calibration.

4. Calibration

5. R+D

Our Research, Development & Innovation team is constantly exploring the latest trends and technologies within the industry, using its findings to feed into both the way we currently manufacture our autoglass, and the innovations we will apply to future production.

In line with current trends, exciting glass technologies like noise cancellation, ambient lighting and dimmable glazing are being explored. In order to ensure our screens are the most cutting-edge on the market, we have made significant investments in our lamination machinery, adding new facilities to our Llodio plant in 2021. We also expanded the laboratory, adding a range of features like optical distortion equipment, light transmission control and a 3D measuring machine.

At Glavista, we strive to ensure each order is correctly fulfilled, and reaches its destination in perfect condition. In the event of a quality issue or damage occurring during transport, our customers are asked to immediately contact us.

We are fully committed to investigating and resolving each claim quickly and efficiently. Staying in close communication with the customer - visiting them in person if required - we identify the reasons for the issue, optimise our production process to eliminate the defect, and of course, provide them with a replacement part when desired.

6. Claim Handling

7. Environment, Health & Safety

The future is green, and as such, we are committed to working towards a more sustainable future. Currently, we operate an Environmental Management System which complies with the requirements of ISO 14001:2015.

We aim to keep energy, water and raw material consumption to a minimum, avoiding waste and pollution as much as possible. Responsible management is also prioritised at all levels. Safety is key too, so any visitor to our plants must be accompanied by (and follow instructions from) authorised personnel at all times. At Glavista, “everyone is a Safety Manager”.

We understand that working together with key players in the automotive industry results in higher quality outputs, more innovative thinking, and ultimately, safer driving for customers.

We are involved with a number of bodies, such as the Automotive Intelligence Centre (AIC) and Sernauto as well as various associations. Collaborating with these partners on different initiatives project benefits us all. By sharing our expertise when it comes to manufacturing premium autoglass, we help raise the industry bar. But we also gain important knowledge from the findings of various group projects and studies, which we incorporate into our own future processes and forward to our customers, like calibration. In this way, we collectively strive towards a safer future.

8. Collaborations


The automotive sector is moving towards sustainable mobility where efficiency and smartisation are part of the evolution guidelines.

Glavista collaborates with the other companies in the I2lgarbi project, contributing its know-how in the automotive glass sector. In this way, Glavista promotes the dissemination, exploitation and transfer of knowledge to the rest of the sector, fostering new value chains that promote Basque industry in the development and manufacture of automotive glass.
The objective of AI-SCREEN project is to develop an automated system to inspect 100% of manufactured windscreens for cosmetic defects using Machine Learning and Deep Learning techniques.

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