A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. That also applies to the perfect interaction of components in modern driver assistance systems. Cameras that are not perfectly calibrated are only able to exploit their performance potential inadequately and, in the worst case, even provide faulty support, which can lead to an accident.

Auto glass specialists who want to be on the safe side in terms of calibration rely on the competence and network of Glavista. To enable you to always keep up with the latest developments, besides other partners, Glavista also works closely with IAM-NET.EU. Based on the specifications of vehicle manufacturers and by sharing information with the damage research firm commissioned by the insurance companies, the network for independent car companies in the EU has prepared a “Guideline: manufacturer-compliant calibration of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)”, which should be used as a guide by all businesses replacing windscreens or carrying out repairs and maintenance that have an impact on driver assistance systems. 

Using this guide ensures that garages are able to perform calibrations in conformity with the manufacturers’ guidelines and measurement specifications. This makes the calibration process more efficient, increases the recovery of costs and ensures that the product liability from the car manufacturers is preserved. 

Protect yourself and your customers from inadequate calibration systems
Calibrations using systems from the replacement market that do not comply with the manufacturer sometimes produce results that vary widely from those achieved with manufacturer-compliant systems. For instance, the systems sold on the replacement market do not take the necessary runout compensation prescribed by the vehicle manufacturer into account when determining the driving axle. In practice, this leads to the calibration panels and targets being incorrectly positioned at the garage. For the operation of the vehicle, this means that the driver assistance system cannot react correctly – which may cause an accident. 

Everything under control during the calibration
In accordance with the guideline, the following four areas must be covered in a manufacturer-compliant manner: information, systems, processes and documentation. These systems also include, for example, a 3D wheel alignment system, which checks before the calibration whether all wheel alignment values are within the target tolerances, and works out the runout on the rear axle. Based on the calculated values, the actual driving axle is then determined by the 3D wheel alignment system and the calibration panel is aligned. The calibration then takes place using the diagnostics system, once any software updates that may be prescribed have been carried out.

3D wheel alignment, adjustment and manufacturer diagnostics systems approved by the manufacturer guarantee all these requirements. These system modules communicate with each other, thus ensuring garages the basis for adhering to the law as well as future sustainability. Users of calibration and alignment systems from the replacement market have the option of upgrading with special hardware. Furthermore, there are initial steps to ensure the necessary closure of the OBD interface by cooperating with automotive manufacturers. 
You can find information and advice about manufacturer-compliant systems on the IAM-NET.EU website among others.

Glavista aligns its production process closely with the applicable OEM standards. In order to create the prerequisites for successful calibration, we are continuously improving our procedures. We are currently developing a new method for the forming process in the bending furnace for measuring and checking the curvature of the windscreen – particularly in the camera area. This is even more accurate and therefore further increases the product quality. Using the new PRO-LINER system, we can create 3D solid forms to check the full surface values and compare these directly with the values of the original parts or with a CAD file.

And last but not least, we are continuously gaining a personal impression of calibration problems experienced by our customers and thereby eliminating the latest faults even on complicated windscreens. A commitment that is paying off: during the last six months, these problems have fallen to a minimum.

It is no wonder, therefore, that an increasing number of players in the automotive industry are relying on the experience and competence of Glavista.  
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