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Everyone is aware that today cars are safer than they ever were before. A key contributor to car safety is the International Automotive Task Force (IATF), which has streamlined the requirements of quality management systems for suppliers of car parts.

IATF certification combines quality standards from North America and Europe and sets out to ensure the highest possible level of quality and safety. It is mandatory for most Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) for the automotive industry and underlines that their production complies with the highest standards. 

Although suppliers to the aftermarket are not bound by specific standards, Glavista recognized and embraced the benefits of the IATF 16949 standard, and certification was granted in 2018. This ensures that our manufacturing and support processes are certified in the same way as OE producers, leading to higher quality (compared to non-certified producers). Our certificate is issued by an independent certification body (BSI: British Standards Institution) and must be renewed every three years. Every year, there is a review during which BSI assesses whether the requirements of our quality management system are applied and our performance is continuously improved - consistent with our own vision as a company.

IATF 16949

The IATF 16949 standard harmonizes a number of existing automotive standards. These include VDA (Germany), AIAG (North America), AVSQ (Italy), FIEV (France) and SMMT (Great Britain). The overall aim of the standard is to effectively improve system and process quality in order to increase customer satisfaction, identify errors and risks in the production process and the supply chain, eliminate their causes and check the effectiveness of corrective and preventive measures. The focus is not the discovery, but the avoidance of mistakes.

Focus on product safety

Key consideration of the IATF 16949 standard is compliance of all products, processes, parts and services, including all those that are outsourced. This means that the company must have a system to mitigate the risks of non-conformity throughout the supply chain. Product safety is the key focus: management processes need to be in place to ensure that every product performs its intended or designated function, without causing any unexpected loss or damage. Moreover, specific customer requirements must be considered in addition to the requirements of the standard.

Committed to you and your customers

Having IATF certification is proof of the professional level of performance of Glavista: our windscreens for the replacement sector are produced according to the same systems and quality standards as OEM windscreens. The Guardian logo in our products symbolizes that the highest guidelines of quality and safety are applied.

Download here our Quality Certificate, which includes the IATF certification.

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