We are delighted that you are joining our Turbo Club. This programme is designed to reward you, as Guardian Automotive eShop customer, and bring us closer together. By being a member of the Turbo Club, you are clearly recognised as a valued customer and it is our intention to reward you for your loyalty.
Thank you for joining the Glavista Turbo Club. If you have any questions, feel free to use the Live Chat or e-mail us at turboclub@guardianautomotiveglass.com.

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Turbo Club Frequently Asked Questions

We have collected some questions about the Turbo Club, but please don’t hesitate to use our Live Chat or contact us form.

Who can join the Turbo Club?

All users of the Glavista eShop and customers connected via an interface to our eShop can join.

Membership of the Turbo Club is absolutely free and open to all Glavista eShop customers. Once you have registered, you will receive one Turbo Point for every euro spent on Glavista products displayed in the eShop. Points are not issued on the purchase of reward items.

Once you have registered, you will receive one Turbo Point for every euro spent in the Glavista eShop. With these points you can choose your reward from the Reward Shop.

On the Account page you can see your current total of Turbo points and how much your recent orders have contributed to your total.

Our Turbo Club rewards cover a wide range of tools for your workshops.

If you have not collected enough Turbo points, you can pay for the remaining balance with euros. Turbo points are not issued for these purchases.

No, the Turbo points can only be used to choose items from the Reward Shop.

Yes, also orders uploaded as Excel documents are eligible for the Tubo Club benefits.

Yes, when ordering Glavista products through Glasmatic, DVSE/TecDoc or other service providers you will receive Turbo points as if you were using the eShop.

Upon cancellation of an order, the Turbo points associated with that order will be deducted from your total. If the cancellation is due to damaged products, you will retain the points you have earned.

We wouldn’t want to lose you as a member of the Turbo Club, but you can contact turboclub@guardianautomotive.com, if you want to be removed from our member list.

Your Turbo points will be credited to your account once the Glavista invoice has been sent to you.

The Turbo Points collected in a calendar year are always valid until 30 November of the following year. Points collected in 2020 will therefore expire after 30 November 2021.

A payout of Turbo Points is not possible. However, you can redeem your Turbo Points for our attractive rewards from the Turbo Club catalogue. Choose your favourite one here.

Our eShop has a Live Chat function if you quickly need an answer, but you can of course e-mail via turboclub@guardianautomotiveglass.com or even use our regular e-mail address from the "Contact Us" page.

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