Glavista autoglass is produced using sophisticated technologies. 

Our talented engineering team is constantly honing this process to ensure we stay at the forefront of this exciting field.  


95% of the parts offered by Glavista are produced in our Llodio and Valencia production facilities. They are made to the highest standards, meeting the Quality System of OEM windscreens.

Production Process

  • Phase 1


    We have three lines in the plant, where raw glass is cut to its required size. The shape of each windscreen is mapped using a design software, ensuring it is cut to the correct dimensions. Two layers of glass are prepared for each windscreen; they will be fused together in a later phase. 

  • Phase 2


    The precise application of heat from our furnaces adds that distinctive curve to the glass. A robot checks whether each windscreen is bent to the correct shape, assuring the prerequisites for successful calibration and smooth functionality of the system. 

  • Phase 3


    On our lamination lines, resin is used to bond the two layers of glass together. This gives the windscreen more structural integrity, making it less likely to shatter in the event of an impact. It also allows the glass to have various functionalities, like noise cancellation, ambient lighting or dimmable glazing. We run strict quality controls including resistance and optical measurements, in order to ensure perfect performance. Finally, using artificial vision technology, the glass is checked, before a robot places required accessories, like profiles and sensors, onto it.

  • Phase4

    Inspection & Packaging

    All of our windscreens undergo a full inspection before being packed into crates and distributed. An automatic trimming line ensures the quality of the glass edge, while any potential cosmetic defects are detected with the help of special illuminated screens.

  • Phase 5

    Warehouse and logistics

    To finish, the final product is correctly labelled, packaged and loaded in containers or trucks, ready to begin its speedy journey to our customers’ facilities.

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