Did you know... ?

...what the codes on the manufacturer's stamp on a windscreen mean?

The upper dots (1 to 12) refer to the month of production of the windscreen: 1 point would mean December, 2 points November... and 12 points January. 
The lower dots (1 to 10) refer to the year of the production: 10 points in this case mean 2020. (1 point would mean 2011.)
In this case, each line shows the maximum number of points (12 and 10) - hence, the windscreen was produced in January 2020.

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95% of the parts offered by Glavista are produced in Spain - at the company’s world-class production facilities in Llodio and Valencia with the same Quality System as those of OE producers to meet and/or even exceed customer expectations. These facilities manufacture premium quality windscreens that are recognised throughout Europe for their premium quality - and are all homologated for customers in Europe, the United States and other regions. In order to meet customer needs, the Glavista portfolio also includes a limited number of glass parts produced outside of Europe assuring equal quality levels as the windscreens produced in Glavista facilities.

Based on extensive research with industry partners, we have taken steps to improve our own production processes. After identifying all reasons that caused problems, we adapted our production facilities to eradicate the issues e.g. special templates to control the position of the camera bracket, quality control of the gap between the bracket and the glass etc. The main cause of an unsuccessful calibration we identified is the curvature of the windscreen in the camera area. So we have concentrated on this issue, invested in our calibration control and we have succeeded in correcting this problem for all of our references: a robot checks all of our models with camera during production, to ensure that we achieve the tolerances needed for a perfect calibration. If the windscreen shape / curvature is not correct, it is rejected and scrapped automatically. With these processes together with our continued efforts to improve our production and products, you can be sure that your windscreen is perfect.

Glavista recognized and embraced the benefits of the IATF 16949 standard, and certification for its production facility on Llodio, Spain, was granted in 2018 . This ensures that our manufacturing and support processes are certified in the same way as OE producers, leading to higher quality (compared to non-certified producers). Our certificate is issued by an independent certification body (BSI: British Standards Institution) and must be renewed every three years. Every year, there is a review during which BSI assesses whether the requirements of our quality management system are applied, and our performance is continuously improved - consistent with our own vision as a company. In practice, this means, 100 per cent of our windscreens undergoes cosmetic inspection processes. We also keep a close eye on raw material, as glass thickness and transmission, validation processes for every new bracket, pvb moisture control etc., as well as the correct calibration of all measuring equipment. We analyse all complaints relating to material, employ a special team to help customers solve quality problems and regularly invest in expanding our ultra-modern machinery.


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